At Midnight Tonight Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in California

At the strike midnight, we ring in 2018 — and at midnight, California will smoke up!

Cali has ficially legalized recreational marijuana, so even those without medical cards will be able to buy and smoke weed in 2018! Although people still can’t light up in public, anyone able to prove they’re 21 or over can purchase marijuana from an authorized dispensary. Legal purchasing marijuana, applicable to residents and non-residents, is expected to boost tourism and stimulate California’s economy.

California has always been a leader in the marijuana legalization movement, having passed measures to allow legal use marijuana in 2016, but now for 2018 it is finally going into effect.

Many electronic music producers and DJs have expressed their positive relationships with marijuana and we hope to see these artists, along with all California, benefit from this legislation.

Congrats and Happy New Year, California!

Weed Is Legal In Cali At Midnight Tonight

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