Armin Van Buuren Ends 7-Hour Set In Tears & It's Absolutely Worth A Watch [VIDEO]

Armin van Buuren has done it again.

The worldwide DJ/producer has been known to go tireless hours without stopping the music — and over this past weekend he went a total 7 hours at Untold Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His stamina is impressive, but even more so is his vast collection music that keeps fans totally engaged the entire time.

Last year, Armin went for an impressive 6-hour run at the music festival. This year, he one-upped himself with an extra hour, which brought him and those around him to tears by the end. As he hugs the crowd in the video below, it’s almost impossible to not do the same.

“Couldn’t do this without you guys, thanks a million!” Armin shared in a heartfelt post following his Untold 2018 experience.

It’s not uncommon for this legend to go on for 5 or more hours, and each and every time he delivers a once-in-a-lifetime feeling performance. For those who got to experience this amazing 7-hour set, we truly envy you.

Watch Armin and all his glory at Untold, plus the teary-eyed ending below. Ugh, the feels!

Armin van Buuren @ Untold 2018

Armin van Buuren Ends 7 Hour Set In Tears

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