Anyma Releases Surprise 070 Shake’s ‘Black Dress’ Remix

Never let them guess your next move… That’s what Anyma had in mind when he released his remix for 070 Shake’s ‘Black Dress’. The song was one of his highlight moments from the Afterlife show in LA couple weeks ago. It truly is a fantastic representation of Anyma’s next level vision when it comes to sound production. And thus, what a great time for Melodic Techno.

Matteo Milleri’s solo project Anyma provides a refreshing intro for ‘Black Dress’ with a synth piano intro that meshes with 070 shake’s ethereal vocals. The tempo carries the uplifting melodies into a delicious drop filled with his signature synths. The song projects a similar vibe than ‘Syren’ ft Rebuke, or ‘Eternity’. With deep Techno percussions, the song still delivers a relaxing vibe.

Earlier this summer, the Tale of Us member released one of the best EDM albums of the year. Moreover, alongside MRAK, the producer has elevated the Afterlife Label and the audiovisual experience of their live shows to new heights. The world is a little better when you have artists this talented blaze their own trail in the industry. ‘Black Dress’ is now available on all streaming platforms:

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