Answer Code Request is releasing a new album on Ostgut Ton

A new Answer Code Request album, titled ‘Gens’, is coming to esteemed Berlin imprint Ostgut Ton.

The sophomore project follows up his 2014 debut LP ‘Code’, and sees the dynamic artist enter a new, darker realm as he weaves his way through familiar bass-heavy techno mutations.

Discussing the forthcoming LP in a press release, Answer Code Request, AKA Patrick Gräser explained, “For me, the album was a way finding myself again without relying on other music even to distance myself from other music”.

Adding, “The more shadowy mood comes from a place experimentation, and from my desire to go deeper into the sounds synths and instruments I’ve been using, and even faster speeds around 160 bpm. But in a way the instruments were a kind medium to abstractly conduct what was happening around me and the world.”

‘Gens’ is scheduled to land on Ostgut Ton on February 23. Tune in below to hear the first track from the release, titled ‘knbn2’.

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