Anjunabeats Worldwide 10 Mixed by Fatum

Anjunabeats Worldwide 10

The record label, Anjunabeats releases its 10th worldwide collaboration album, Anjunabeats Worldwide 10. This stellar playlist has Tinlicker, Jamie Irrepressible, Luccio, Rune Noire, Rodg, Genix, JVMIE, Anden, Naz, Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, ALPHA 9, Fatum, and many more talented artist. These artist make up the 21 tracks that are Anjunabeats Worldwide 10.

Worldwide 10 overview

Starting the album off, ‘You Take My Hand‘ by Tinlicker & Jamie Irrepressible takes the intro. A deep track with signature pads for extra depth and big vocals to set the mood. A perfect beginning to a Anjunabeats playlist. Moving down, there is a few remixes of popular tracks ‘I’m Awake‘ and ‘Before The Dawn‘. There is also ‘Always Do‘ by the infamous Above & Beyond and Mat Zo. Both staples in the house and trance scenes. Towards the end of Anjunabeats Worldwide 10 the artist duo, Fatum shines on multiple songs. They are also the ones who received credit for mixing the whole album.

Anjunabeats Worldwide releases and future

The distinguished record label, Anjunabeats has been in the game for a long time and still has a long future to go. It is carried by the best in the game when it comes to trance and house. Their Worldwide albums are a way for them to show the talent they work with. The albums consist of carefully selected songs from their catalog and usually mixed by one of Anjuna’s star artist.

The previous Worldwide release, Anjunabeats Worldwide 9 was released in 2019. So the label had a great selection of artist to include on the 10th. Every year the label grows and their releases grow with them. The future for Anjunabeats looks more promising than ever so there shouldn’t be worry of them not releasing an 11th Worldwide.

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