Anjunabeats Partners with MIT on Climate Change Study Conducted During Above & Beyond’s Gorge Weekender Event

Anjunabeats has teamed up with MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative on an innovative project to engage music fans in climate change and sustainability consciousness, with hopes to spread awareness and influence individuals to look for climate solutions.

The pilot study for the project took place at Above & Beyond’s Gorge Weekender event this past summer. Anjunabeats artist and MIT PhD student Norhan Magdy Bahomi (aka Nourey) spearheaded the study which took place at the universal language of live music and installation art. More than 500 participants interacted with the augmented reality “Art Wall” experience throughout the experiment’s 16-hour runtime, and nearly 400 responses to a climate identification survey were collected. Here’s what Nourey had to say about the experience:

“Music unites us, and so can science and Technology. During the ABGT weekender this year, we were blessed with the opportunity to work with Anjunabeats / Involved Group on a beta project for Climate communication. Fusing AR technology with collaborative arts, we believe this could be a stepping stone in a broad space where audiences can better engage in climate change issues during live events.’

“Partnering with MIT’S Environmental Solutions Initiative enables Anjunabeats to apply scientific rigor in our sustainability efforts. Music events provide an opportunity for testing new ideas and experimentation around pressing global challenges. We hope the Gorge project contributes to a growing body of research with the objective to scale-up sustainable behavior change” – Anna Johnson, the label’s Sustainability and Environment Officer

The results of the studying will be presented this Wednesday in a live streamed event on Zoom and Twitch 16:30 BST / 11:30 EST) hosted by MIT and Anjunabeats, as part of an ongoing sustainability project initiated by the label.

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