Anime Central 2022 Announcements!

A big thank you to everyone who managed to attend our panel at Anime Central! If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, we have a handy recap of all our announcements right here:

First up, as was announced early this morning, Rance Quest Magnum is getting a limited edition physical release jam-packed full of goodies. You can even pre-order it right now to secure your copy!

But on to new and exciting announcements:

Coming from MADA labo, the studio behind the infamous Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers, comes The Patient S Remedy!

Sota Sasaki is one of several unfortunate men afflicted with the lethal “candle disease”, a case of progressive cell degeneration that typically kills within 5 years. Yet it turns out that Sota harbors what might be a miraculous cure for the disease in his bodily fluids! The diligent doctor thus offers Sota a deal – if he agrees to provide his semen and participate in the research to develop a cure, then he’ll be given special privileges within the hospital ward. Will Sota inject the other male patients with his cure for the sake of science and finding his own miracle treatment? Will he abuse the privileges granted to him in return?

This hot, HD Boy’s Love title will be available on MangaGamer and other stores, but the uncensored version, as well as the uncensored patch will be exclusive to MangaGamer.

And next we have our latest acquisition from ClockUp – How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public Service – the sequel to How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle!

Once again we return to world of Healthy Hentai where sex and perversion is normal and widely accepted. This time we follow the daily life of Jin Sintani, the precinct’s newest sex officer charged with serving the community and protecting the peaceful citizens of Vaginville from the threat of sexual frustration. Join Sintani on his daily patrols as he assists people in need when out on the beat, watch as he encourages his fellow officers in the precinct’s exchange program, enjoy the shaft gripping excitement as he accompanies the special fetish units on important raids, or savor the heartwarming sight of him helping his coworker improve and learn to excell at her sexual duties. It’s a hard job to handle, but it takes a big man to maintain order on these streets.

Fans of the first Healthy Hentai will be especially pleased to see even more great artwork from Butcha-U and the reappearance of several familiar faces as they follow the life of Jin Sintani!

And that covers it for Anime Central! As always you can keep up with our convention schedule and announcements on our announcements & schedule page.

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