Andrew Rayel And Takis Drop Emotional Collaboration ‘Closer’

Andrew Rayel and Takis signature styles have merged together for an unexpected collab. Premiered by both artists during EDC Las Vegas, ‘Closer’ (feat. Zagata) is their first-ever link-up and proof that great artists can make even the most unexpected unions work.

As fans may know, Andrew Rayel makes amazing trance melodies and Takis focuses on more melodic, chill, and progressive sounds. ‘Closer’ is a perfect blend of the both of their styles. Here’s what Rayel had to say about ‘Closer’:

‘Closer’ truly has the perfect balance of everything; the emotion in this record is so euphoric. I’m very excited to teamed up with the talented Takis. He’s an upcoming artist from Canada, and I highly recommend keeping an eye out for him!

Andrew Rayel

Andrew Rayel & Takis- ‘Closer’

Andrew Rayel Takis ‘Closer’

Opening with delicate percussion and the touching vocals of Zagata, the track is pushed along by a gentle bassline and guitar licks, creating a mesmerizing and carefree atmosphere across its duration. We can appreciate the more euphoric and melodic style of Takis, but in parts, we find the most energetic notes present from Andrew Rayel’s sounds.

As part of Takis debut album, Welcome Home, the track gives a feeling of being precisely, ever closer to achieving a goal or reaching where we most yearn to be. It may seem confusing (as in the track where the voices are heard more and more distant from the main track) but there is always certainty that the light will come and illuminate us in an incredible way.

“I’ve always wanted to get in the studio with Andrew, but I wasn’t sure what our collab would sound like. A few months ago, I linked with fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Zagata to start the early version of ‘Closer’. I then played that version for Andrew. And Andrew loved Zagata’s vocals, the story and the direction of the track right away. So we got on a call and sent it back and forth, ultimately creating something in the middle of both of our sounds: an honest and authentic collab


You can listen to Andrew Rayel & Takis- ‘Closer’ below!

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