anamē Releases Two Remixes of ‘Gratitude’ With Above & Beyond ft. Marty Longstaff

The long-awaited release of ‘Gratitude‘ from Above & Beyond and anamē sees two new remixes from anamē. Featuring the vocals of Marty Longstaff, it debuted at The Drumsheds London for ABGT450. Now, the jubilant vocal ballad gets reworks ready to fill dancefloors even further. The original is warm, sweet, and well-liked by fans. It’s been dubbed soulful and emotional, a wedding anthem for some. As A&B’s sound and style continue to evolve with the genre, their singles create memories for their audience.

Now, for the AM remix of ‘Gratitude’, it’s darker with melodic techno sounds. This is for the later night sets when your bodies have warmed up and ready for some serious moves. Its melody uses minor notes to convey its seriousness. The PM remix is floaty and idyllic. While listening, it feels sunny and bright in tone. As Marty sings, you fill with everlasting joy to the end. I think we can see either remix played in their future sets. This is also the return of singer-songwriter Longstaff to Anjunabeats. You may have heard him on ‘Tightrope’, and ‘Flying By Candlelight’. I’ve always felt that male vocals enhance a trance track even more, giving it a unique, vibrant feel to them.

This year, A&B tour with a string of major events in London, Los Angeles, and The Gorge Amphitheater. anamē joins them at the Brooklyn Mirage in August and the Group Therapy Weekender in September. Check out their touring schedule here. Enjoy not just two remixes, but two extended versions of the reworks below as well.

Above & Beyond and anamē (feat. Marty Longstaff) – Gratitude (anamē remixes) | Buy/Stream

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