All Day I Dream NY Kickstarted Summer 2022

The first event of the All Day I Dream 2022 World Tour, All Day I Dream of New York Glow, kicked off at the Brooklyn Mirage on Sunday 5th June 2022, was no less than iconic. Headlining his own event in the very city where it all started, was none other than DJ Lee Burridge, bringing DJ Tim Green, Double Touch, and DJ Tommy Raffa to the stage with him. All Day I Dream’s flawless signature sound resonated throughout the venue and showcased beautiful, emotional, and melancholic shades of house and techno from the afternoon into the night.

After being warmed up by both the opening DJs and the warm summer sun, Lee Burridge played for an exceptional 4-to-5-hour set (that I wish he would upload to Soundcloud for us *prayer emoji*). At a point late in the night, Tim Green joined him, and they took turns on the tables interlacing the dance floor of “dreamers” together. They truly seemed to be enjoying the energy of the party themselves from on the stage as they blended the sound of the turntables with the sound of live drums.

This event was such a success that the music simply couldn’t stop when the event was planned to end, and the positive vibrations kept flowing beyond 1am. Yes, we stayed in its entirety until the proposed end time, when Lee Burridge and friends threw the crowd that classic disk jockey curveball by roping us back in just as we disappointedly turned to exit, as we assumed the party had come to an end. It just kept going and, despite being a Sunday night, not a soul in the crowd was opposed to the decision.

I simply cannot ignore the fact that All Day I Dream really squeezed every ounce they could out of the Brooklyn Mirage’s stunning new video wall and “floating” roof renovations. The psychedelic production culminated in a supremely trippy experience. The scene for the evening started with a massive glowing stained-glass mural, which blended smoothly into the celestial domed altar constructed on the stage which established the focal point for the evening. As the night progressed, the energy started flowing, some fragments of the glowing mural on the panels melted into magnetizing black holes while other fragments melted into fissures of starry skies. This already immersive backdrop continued to warp further into a matrix of repeating colorful patterns, only to finally redissolve and bring the crowd back to the familiar stained-glass setting we began the journey with. While there was all this impeccable production value and detail, the way everything blended so seamlessly made it evident that the true focus of the All Day I Dream party was meant to be placed entirely upon the attendees.

Witnessing a Sunday summer session as the sun sinks into the horizon at the Brooklyn Mirage is quite the magical experience. Allowing the All Day I Dream family to channel this extraordinary voyage was truly a match made in heaven. We look forward to the rest of the All Day I Dream 2022 World Tour and seeing this event make its return to Brooklyn soon on Sunday 18th September 2022.

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