Alignment Back with A High Energy Techno EP “Old School”

“Old School” delivers an intense musical experience, perfect for the peak hours of any event. Its techno beats are so powerful they’ll leave you awestruck, while the electrifying synths will send shivers down your spine. The track is illuminated by screeching synth melodies and forceful drums, evoking the imagery of a dystopian world, all underscored by a haunting vocal that captivates you in the present moment.

The two track EP was released on August 31 2023 on the KNTXT sub-label RPM.

Speaking on the EP, Alignment says –

‘Old School’ is a track created for the dance floor, characterised by a minimal and sharp style with percussion and an almost tribal rhythm that blends with modern hard techno sounds. The track ‘The Sound’ has a more trance vibe, characterised by a melody, a vocal and a drop that will make you dance incessantly!

Born in Italy, Alignment, whose real name is Francesco Pierfelici, has emerged as a significant influence in the world of techno in recent years. With his second EP of this year after “Close Your Eyes” in March, Alignment is all set to take over raves and clubs all over the world.

“Old School” is now available for streaming on all platforms.

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