Ableton Live 10 Is Here to Improve the Workflow of Producers Everywhere

Ableton Live 10 is ficially here and music producers are drooling over the updated DAW!

Everything from organization, to editing, to the flow creative processes is about to change with Live 10. Most notably, Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss and Pedal have arrived — a new series devices with endless sonic possibilities. This means users can create even more within the program without relying on other VST plugins.

Now, it’s even easier for bedroom producers to pressionals to build up their own unique sound with a curated library. Bolder sounds are possible with Live’s new devices. Producers can stay in the groove with a multitude workflow improvements. Even more can be done with Ableton’s flagship Push controller. Plus, the unlimited potential Max for Live is seamlessly built in.

View all the Ableton Live 10 release notes , which detail new features and improvements to arrangement editing, automation, mixing, setup, and devices. Plus, bug fixes and slight tweaks throughout.

The best way to learn all the changes with the new-and-improved DAW is to jump right in and start creating. Explore Live 10:

Ableton Live 10 – What’s New?


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