19-Year-Old Woman Arrests Her Own Attacker After Sexually Assaulted at Festival

Justice has been served after a woman was recently sexually assaulted in a at Falls Festival in Tasmania. Not only was the violator caught, the 19-year-old woman handed over her 32-year-old assailant over to police herself!

It takes a special kind badass to be able to detain their own attacker and turn them in. The woman the man groped her breast and he has since been arrested and charged over the alleged assault.

“The woman involved… and her friend actually apprehended the male and then handed them to security, who then handed them to police to be investigated,” Tasmania police senior sergeant Darren Latham .

“Whilst we would rather have no incidents at all… it is encouraging that people are taking positive action. But we wish that this didn’t happen at all.”

The arrest marks the third alleged assault at Falls Festival this year.

Event organizer Paul Piticco issued a regarding the matter: “These incidences have been happening at mass gatherings for years and we are encouraged by the fact that this unacceptable behaviour is being identified and people are coming forward. It takes a lot courage and we are happy to be seeing a cultural change where victims feel comfortable to report.”

Piticco and his team will continue to work toward providing festival goers with a safe space.



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