173 Arrested for Drugs At One-Day New Years Festival

New Year’s celebrations are sometimes an excuse for people to turn up a little too much. That’s what seemed to have happened at Field Day Music Festival in Australia, as 173 arrests were made on Monday alone.

The New Year’s Day festivities led to six arrests for allegedly supplying drugs, and another 167 people were charged with possession illegal substances. One 22-year-old man reportedly had 138 MDMA pills on his person, according to .

As reports — the 26,000 people that attended Field Day music festival to ring in 2018, six were taken to the hospital, five which were drug-related instances. The other injured man hurt his leg after climbing a fence in attempts to sneak into the festival without a ticket.

In another nearby drug operation, more than 100 people were searched and 54 them were charged with possession.

Arrests are down from event, which saw 215 total fenses.



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