$108 million worth of cocaine has been seized in Sri Lanka

Authorities in Sri Lanka have seized and destroyed the largest Asian cocaine shipment to date.

The 928kg drugs, valued at $108 million, were seized in a timber container back in December at the Port Colombo, before police destroyed it in a cement factory this week.

reports the shipment came from Colombia and was bound for India.

This crime is just one part an escalating drug problem in Sri Lanka in recent years, one which has seen more than 1,700 kilos substances seized over the past three years.

Other accounts include six seized shipments cocaine from South America, one being cargo containing $140 million worth high-quality coke sent from Brazil in sugar shipments.

Authorities reckon Sri Lanka is being used as a masking dock before continuing onto Australian and European markets.

Investigations into the tracking networks and peddlers behind these shipments are ongoing.

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