​Sunil Sharpe on Dublin's nightlife: "It’s laughable what we have here"

Respected techno tastemaker Sunil Sharpe is making a strong effort to revive Dublin’s nightlife economy by organizing a meeting local industry pressionals to discuss what can be done.

As a Dublin native and part the collective Give Us The Night, the group that organized the meeting, Sharpe has witnessed local nightlife shift over the years and he recognizes that big changes need to take place.

Speaking to , Sharpe expressed that while the Dublin scene is struggling, the community people is still strong:

“It’s laughable what we have here, but what we do have though is a spirit in our people that’s unrivaled... People come to this country and they love the atmosphere in our nightclubs, but they can’t understand why we shut at 2 or 3 am”

Now as local nightclub pressionals prepare to meet on January 31, high on the list talking points is the need for political support, specifically with regards to licensing laws. Sharpe shared that he’s hopeful change will come soon:

“We can spearhead a strong national campaign here but we need the help the business people within this industry to help push us forward as well… I’m looking forward to what people have to say and coming up with a strategy for where we are going to go from now on.”

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