​Neo's Nokia phone from The Matrix is coming back

After announcing the relaunch the classic cellphone last year, the Finnish electronics company has revealed its bringing back another iconic design, the curved 8810.

The 8810 is easily recognizable for those familiar with The Matrix films as Neo’s cellphone. Now Nokia is relaunching the design with an update to its capabilities.

According to , the new Nokia 8810 features VoLTE calling and an easy to use interface. This includes slide to answer and end calls, plus a helicopter style spin axis. Popular apps are also available through the phone’s app store, including Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. Email features using Outlook and Gmail make it a well-rounded device.

To keep with the classic motif the 8810, its reported that an updated version the popular phone game Snake will be installed.

The 8810 is set for release in May and is available for a retail price €79 in two colorways, Traditional Black and Banana Yellow. View photos the new phone below.

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