​Horror film about zombie ravers locks in cast and begins filming

London-based production company Iron Box Films has announced the cast for its upcoming horror film titled Ravers, which began filming this week at Pinewood Studio Wales.

Set to star in the film is Georgia Hirst who is known for her work on the television series Vikings. Joining her will be Danny Kirrane, an actor with appearances on Games Of Thrones and Pirates the Caribbean, as well as Manpreet Bambra, Maria Volk and Kamal Angelo Bolden.

According to the plot summary found on IMDB, Ravers is a “witty and blood-spattered horror about murder, mayhem and mutant ravers at an illegal party.” Apparently, the party takes a turn for the worse when energy drinks are contaminated due to the illegal party taking place in an abandoned factory, according to .

The film’s tagline reads: “If you're alive in the morning then you weren't actually there…”

Behind the film is Bernhard Pucher, the creative director at Iron Box, as well as CEO Raimund Berens and producer Michael Dobbin. Executive producers who are also on board include Colin Brown and Deepak Sikka.

Raimund Berens released a statement sharing his excitement for the project: “Iron Box is delighted to have supported this production from its very earliest development. We are confident that its uniquely fun horror concept, set in the world techno music raves, represents a strong investment opportunity. We are looking forward to producing a film that will truly deliver a classic horror experience in the cinema.”

No release date has been announced at this time, but Ravers is expected to arrive in theaters in 2019.

Last year it was announced that Pharrell was in talks to produce a film titled about being trapped in a rave. No word has been given on the development that film.

Ravers could be hit or miss, but here are

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