​Derrick Carter: “The semi-wounded boys club of modern DJ culture is uninteresting”

Esteemed Chicago DJ, producer and pioneer Derrick Carter has unleashed his thoughts on current dance music culture.

In a series , the Classic Records co-founder took the time to discuss his mindset when it comes to the way he approaches his career differently than other artists in the industry. Carter made it clear that he’s not a “music obsessed jock”, he doesn’t follow trends and he’s not interested in chart positions. Instead he focuses on sharing sounds that he’s passionate about above all else.

In the midst his outpouring thoughts, Carter also touched on his opinion the current dance music landscape and artists that populate it:

“The semi-wounded boys club modern DJ culture is uninteresting. It’s analogous to sitting at the cool table and I always hung with the freaks, weirdos, and interesting thinkers… I’d rather do almost any-fucking-thing else than be at the club playing the role hits bitch. I’ll go see my friends and allies though. Mostly because that has little to do with music.

“Not my need to be seen or associated with a label, artist, or concept. Y’all can keep that thin shit. I want to laugh, enjoy and inspire myself while watching the deposed sense importance and false pedigree, wither from atrophy.”

He concluded with some sound advice and a positive message: "Be an honest soul. That’s what we are, souls. Those need sustenance and a balanced diet. As some you may have noticed, souls won’t thrive on junk food. I really hope that today everyone finds something to carry them through to tomorrow. Something real.”

Derrick Carter has been in the industry for longer than most and has seen the culture evolve over time. It’s always interesting to get his perspective and understand how a more experienced artist feels about today’s scene.

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